Updated Page-New England Frequency  3/10/2022

Maine Railroad Frequency

FrequencyAAR Channel #Use
161.520094PanAm District 2, 3, & 4 (B&M) train to dispatch
161.400086PanAm Yard
161.160070PanAm District 2, 3, & 4 (B&M) train to dispatch
160.620034PanAm District 1 (MEC) Road
161.250076PanAm Rigby (MEC Yard)
160.380018PanAm Yard
160.245009Maine Narrow Guage RR Road
160.965057Saint Lawrence & Atlantic Road
160.815046Saint Lawrence & Atlantic Agent
160.260010Central Maine & Quebec
161.490092Amtrak Portland/Brunswick
161.550096Central Maine & Quebec


New Hampshire Railroad Frequency

FrequencyAAR Channel #Use


Vermont Railroad Frequency

FrequencyAAR Channel #Use


Massachusetts Railroad Frequency

FrequencyAAR Channel #Use/Description 
160.56000  CSX Berkshire- NC Dispatcher
160.80000  CSX Berkshire- Road
161.07000 CSX Berkshire- Berkshire Subdivison Yards 
160.86000 CSX Berkshire- West Springfield Intermodal 
160.71000 CSX Berkshire -Maintenance of Way 
161.14500 CSX Berkshire -Maintenance of Way 
160.68000 Boston Subdivision – NC Dispatcher 
160.80000 Boston Subdivision – Road
161.07000 Boston Subdivision – Boston Subdivision Yards 
160.86000 Boston Subdivision – Framingham Yard 
160.71000 Boston SubdivisionMaintenance of Way
161.41500 Boston Subdivision MBTA/Keolis Terminal Train Dispatcher
160.92000 Amtrak Road – Northeast
161.29500 Amtrak Police
160.74000  Amtrak – Southampton St Station/Yard
160.45500 Amtrak Boston Southampton Street Yard
161.29500 Amtrak- Police – Boston  & Attleboro 
161.32500 Amtrak Maintenance of Way 
160.30500 Bay Colony Railroad – Watuppa Track Operations 
160.24500 Cape Cod Central Railroad – Operations 
160.24500 Grafton and Upton Railroad – Road 
160.29000 Grafton and Upton Railroad – Yard
161.44500 Grafton and Upton Railroad – Maintenance of Way
160.39500 Housatonic Railroad- Road 
161.50500  Housatonic Railroad- Yard
160.42500 Massachusetts Central Railroad – Operations
160.47000 Massachusetts Central Railroad – Operations
160.57500  Massachusetts Central Railroad – Operations
160.42500  Massachusetts Coastal Railroad – Fall River Subdivision – Road Channel
160.42500  Massachusetts Coastal Railroad – Framingham Subdivision – Road Channel
160.42500 Massachusetts Coastal Railroad  – Middleboro Subdivision – Road Channel
160.42500 Massachusetts Coastal Railroad  – New Bedford Subdivision – Road Channel
160.24500 Massachusetts Coastal Railroad – Operations 
160.56000 Massachusetts Coastal Railroad- Operations
161.38500 Massachusetts Coastal Railroad- Operations
161.55000 Massachusetts Coastal Railroad- Operations
161.49000  Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority-  Fairmont line (Road Channel)
160.59000 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority- Fitchburg Line (Road Channel)
160.41000  Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority – Framingham/Worcester line (Road Channel)
N/A Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority- Franklin Line (Road Channel)
160.72500  Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority- Greenbush Line (Road Channel)
160.32000 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority – Haverhill Line (Road Channel)
160.72500  Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority – Kingston/Plymouth Line (Road Channel)
160.59000 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority- Lowell Line (Road Channel)
160.72500  Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority- Middleborough/Lakeville Line (Road Channel)
N/A Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority- Needham Line (Road Channel)
N/A Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority – Newburyport/Rockport Line (Road Channel)
160.92000  Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority – Providence/Stoughton Line (Road Channel)
160.87500 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority – Providence/Stoughton Line (Pawtucket Yard )
161.46000 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority – Mechincal Trouble Desk 
160.81500 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority – Southampton Street Yard
160.87500 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority -Boston Engine Terminal
160.69500 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority -Engineering
161.56500 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority -Engineering
470.66250 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority -Transit Police Primary
483.56250 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority -Transit Police Secondary
160.77000 New England Central Railroad (Palmer, Ma) – Dispatcher
160.93500 New England Central Railroad (Palmer, Ma) – Yard Local
161.20500 New England Central Railroad (Palmer, Ma) – Yard Local 
161.41500 New England Central Railroad (Palmer, Ma) – Road 
161.52000 Pan Am Railways- Train to Dispatcher (Springfield, Ma to Deerfield, Ma)(Also Used in NH STATE)
161.16000 Pan Am Railways- Train to Dispatcher – Dispatcher to Train (Also Used in NH STATE)


Connecticut Railroad Frequency

FrequencyAAR Channel #Use


This channel scans the dispatch (161.160) and train (161.520) channels. Note that trains will only be heard on the Portsmouth Branch, due to the low power

transmitters on the engines.
Pan Am Railways District 2 Dispatch

Scans 161.160 (dispatch to train) and 161.520 (train to dispatch). These are set up as a simplex pair. 161.520 will likely only be audible when trains are on the Portsmouth Branch.

Canadian Pacific Railway

Newport Subdivision

Frequency Input   

License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag 
161.32500    WRJJ699 BMCSQCPR-RTC/StandbyRTC/Train Standby FMN Railroad 
161.50500    WRJJ699 RMCSQCPR-Util – MaintUtility and Maintenance Repeater FMN Railroad 


Pan Am Railways

Freight Main Line

MP 429 (Vermont State Line) to MP 435.5 (New York State Line)


Frequency Input   

License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag 
161.16000     BCSQPAR70 DispDispatcher – District 3 FMN Railroad 
161.52000     MCSQPAR94 RoadRoad FMN Railroad 
161.40000     BMCSQPAR86 OpsOperations FMN Railroad 


New England Central Railroad


New England Central Railroad

runs from New London, Connecticut, to Alburgh, Vermont at the Canada–US border, a distance of 366 miles 

Frequency Input   

License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag 
161.20500     BMCSQNECR73 RoadRoad / Channel 2 FMN Railroad 
160.77000     BMCSQNECR44 YardYards / Channel 3 FMN Railroad 
160.93500     BMCSQNECR55 YardYards / Channel 4 FMN Railroad 
161.41500     BMCSQNECR87 YardYards / Channel 1 FMN Railroad 


St Lawrence Atlantic Railroad


Frequency Input   

License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag 
160.96500     BMCSQSLR57 RoadChannel 1 Road FMN Railroad 
160.81500     BMCSQSLR47 Ch 2Channel 2 FMN Railroad 


Vermont Railway System


Vermont Railway System operates a network of four railroads within the State of Vermont, including the Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad, Green Mountain Railroad, Vermont Railway, and Washington County Railroad. All operations utilize the same frequencies systemwide. Some operations are conducted on the OneVoice Network DMR Trunked System, and simulcast on AAR 12/12 (160.290).

OneVoice Network    
DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)    
Vermont Railway Systems operates TGs on the this system.
Frequency Input   

License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag 
160.60500     BMCSQVTRR V-1 MOWMaintenance of Way and Equipment FM Railroad 
161.19000    KES800 BM97.4 PLVTRR V-2 RutlandRutland Dispatch (Okemo-Charlotte-N Bennington) FM Railroad 
160.29000    KES800 BM97.4 PLVTRR V-3 KiltgtnRutland Dispatch (Killington) FM Railroad 
160.71000     BMCSQVTRR V-4 YardYard operations FM Railroad 
161.35500     BMCSQVTRR V-5 YardYard operations FM Railroad 
161.18500    KES800 BMCSQVTR05 RutlndRutland Dispatch FM Railroad