Connecticut Railroad News

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Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont addresses a press conference following a meeting with Amtrak CEO Stephen Gardner and other officials on Friday. (Connecticut Department of Transportation, via Twitter)

Posted 1/26/2022

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont and state Transportation Commissioner Joseph Giuletti met with Amtrak CEO Stephen Gardner on Friday in New Haven to discuss rail infrastructure projects within the state, the governor’s office said in a press release, with the governor emphasizing the need to invest now to bring faster trains to the state.

“Connecticut’s rail line is the lifeline of the northeast,” Lamont said in a statement. We have a partnership in Amtrak that has been successful over the years and we look forward to that continuing. …I know that together we will be able to implement the Time For CT plan that will bring more services and amenities to the travelers in Connecticut.” The plan outlined last year by Lamont would shave 10 minutes from travel times to New York as early as this year, and up to 25 minutes by 2035.

A spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation told the CT Examiner that the state and Amtrak had agreed to work together on near-term projects that could include signal system work, track upgrades, and removal of slow orders.

“We have a strong, long-standing partnership with the State of Connecticut and the Connecticut Department of Transportation as we all remain committed to ensuring that we provide safe and reliable train service, while also sharing a vision of improved speeds and service expansion, to better serve the citizens of Connecticut and the region,” Gardner said in the state’s release.

The New Haven Independent reports that, in a press conference, Gardner said he envisioned increasing trains serving the state by one-third, repairs to century-old bridges, and state-supported service to reach more riders throughout the state, rather than just along its coast.