Amtrak unveils Operation Lifesaver locomotive

Amtrak unveils Operation Lifesaver locomotive


| January 12, 2022


P42DC wears special paint scheme to mark organization’s 50th Anniversary


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Alt text yellow and black locomotive on tracks near station

Amtrak, Operation Lifesaver, and Federal Railroad Administration held a ceremony today at Washington Union Station to unveil the new 50th Anniversary Operation Lifesaver Locomotive. Amtrak P42 #203 was selected for the honor and was designed by Blair Slaughter and his team at Amtrak. The locomotive was painted at Beech Grove shops and will be appearing this year on various Amtrak trains as an important rolling safety billboard. (Jeff Schultz)

WASHINGTON – Amtrak today unveiled a specially painted P42DC to mark the 50th Anniversary of Operation Lifesaver. P4DC No. 203, repainted with the message, “See Tracks? Think Train!” was released into service today during a ceremony at Washington Union Station. The black-and-yellow locomotive commemorates the 50th anniversary of Operation Lifesaver, the nonprofit organization dedicated to providing nationwide railroad safety education and awareness.

Operation Lifesaver was founded in 1972 with the goal to reduce railroad-related collisions, deaths, and injuries across the United States, utilizing the “3 Es” – education, engineering, and enforcement. “See Tracks? Think Train!” is one of several major campaigns the organization conducts to c

Man at podium in front of yellow and black locomotive parked at station platform

Amtrak President Stephen Gardner addresses crowd today at the unveiling of Amtrak’s new Operation Lifesaver 50th Anniversary locomotive. The locomotive was painted at Beech Grove shops and will work different Amtrak trains across the country. (Michael S. Murray)

onnect with the public to increase visibility and awareness around railroads.

Operation Lifesaver has programs in 46 states and Washington, D.C. Trained volunteers provide free safety presentations to law enforcement, first responders, school-aged children, school bus operators, truck drivers, student drivers, and others.

“Amtrak and Operation Lifesaver have been partners for many years with the goal of educating the community on the importance of avoiding high-risk behavior on or near railroad crossings and tracks,” Amtrak President Stephen Gardner said in a news release. “We are proud to celebrate Operation Lifesaver in reaching a critical milestone.”