Scanner Frequencies

Palmer Massachusetts Scanner Feeds

  1. Palmer Railroad feed:
  2. Westfield Railroad feed: CSX Railroad – Westfield and Vicinity (MP108)
  3. Amateur Radio use 146.49 Mhz simplex when railfanning

Feed Notes

Railroad Frequencies ( as of 2/6/2021)

  • 160.800 MHz – CSX Road Channel
  • 161.070 MHz – CSX Yard West Springfield, MA
  • 452.9375 Mhz – Head-of-Train telemetry
  • 160.560 CSX NC (Berkshire sub) dispatcher (Agawam, Russell, and Chester bases)
  • 160.680 CSX NC (Boston sub) dispatcher (Agawam base)
  • 161.070 CSX W. Springfield yard
  • 160.800 CSX road
  • 160.770 NEC dispatcher (Palmer)
  •  161.160 PanAm District 3 dispatcher (Springfield base)
  • CSX Railroad – Westfield and Vicinity (MP108) (Railroad Feed Via
  • CSX, NEC, and PanAm Rail Roads – Western MA(Railroad Feed Via

Palmer Police & Fire Dept

  1. Live Feed Listing for Hampden County
  2. Palmer Police, Fire, EMS  Dept:
  • 159.345
  • 151.190
  • 159.360

This feed will cover all of the available public safety channels of the Town of Palmer; Fire (Palmer-159.345, 151.190, 159.360, Three Rivers-154.385, Bondsville), Police 155.670, and EMS 155.355.

The bordering towns of

  • Warren-154.130,
  • Belchertown-155.925,
  • Monson-155.985,
  • Wilbraham-453.1250 and
  • Ware-153.920 Fire Departments will be scanned for dispatch.
  • Intercity WMLEC 460.475 is also on this feed.

With Brushfire season upon us and the fire towers online, I have added DCR Fire Control frequencies 151.145, 151.235 & 151.310 to the feed.

How This Feed Works

Feed Technical Details: The radio is located in Westfield, Massachusetts near the CSX Berkshire Subdivision main line near milepost QB108, approximately 100 miles west of Boston, MA. The feed scanner is a Uniden BCT15X with the record output audio routed to a MinisForum Z83-F Mini PC running Windows 10. The computer is running the free RadioFeed app from to upload audio in real-time to There is a delay of approximately one minute between reception of transmission at the scanner and posting of the transmission on the Broadcastify site. Feed archives contain the recorded audio and are posted with the dead-time between transmissions removed. Real-time listening is free. However, a Braodcastify Premium Membership is required for access to the archived files. The current antenna is the TrainTenna Blade indoor antenna from providing as much as 3dBi of antenna gain. In the past, other indoor installations have been configured with an Arrow II Back Pack Portable, Model 161-4BP antenna, a 4-element Yagi which provides in the neighborhood of 10dBi gain. This antenna is a special order from Arrow, cut to 161 MHz, and is a variant of the Arrow 146-4BP antenna.